Essential Oil Pendants


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Why Pendants?

Essential oil pendants are perfect for aromatherapy and spiritual purposes. They are also useful if you like to wear perfume or cologne and find that scent is not allowed in whatever space you are entering because they can be removed and stored in an airtight container. Each comes with a card containing a short explanation of its symbol and suggestions on how to use it.

For Aromatherapy

Simply place a small dab of your favorite essential oil on the pendant and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. The unglazed pendant will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent gently for many hours or even days. String the pendant on a cord or your favorite chain and wear it as necessary.

Spiritual Use

Each pendant is engraved with a symbol that has specific meanings. Choose the symbol most appropriate to your path and work, then choose an appropriate cord and essential oil. The jump ring is large enough to accept braided and knotted cords if you wish to use more than one color.

The Symbols

Right now I offer five different symbols. More are planned for the future. The current choices are as follows:

Algiz – Protection
Ankh – Life, procreation, creative spirit
Goddess – Triple aspects of Maiden (new beginnings, planting, growth), Mother (fruition, pure love), and Crone (harvest, balance, justice, closure)
Horned God – The cycle of life (birth, growth, old age, death, renewal), strength
Raido – Travel, life transitions, decisions

Additional information

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .25 in
Pendant Design

Algiz, Ankh, Goddess, Horned God, Raido