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Welcome to Lowell Hill Pottery!

If you are looking for Rowantrees Pottery you have come to the right place.

Lowell Hill Pottery is the only authorized maker of Rowantrees Pottery reproductions.

Summer has finally come to the Hill, and while the weather is as unpredictable as ever in Maine, it is reliably warm. The roses outside the door of the pottery are growing more and more fragrant. And at long last, the kiln is firing on a weekly basis. The showroom has been moved upstairs for the first time since Rowantrees closed its doors and is looking lovely.

The inventory page is now inactive until later this year. In exchange for that, The Lowell Hill Shop Schedule is now available. You can also make arrangements to visit the pottery by calling me at (207) 951-8229. Lowell Hill Pottery is also available at the Sleigh Bell Shoppe in South Blue Hill. Drop in and see what they have in stock. It changes frequently.


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